Friday, 18 April 2014

Consuming Whispers..



Contraption - Earth's Repossession Mask @ The Season's Story
*LODE* Accessory - Morpha (Red (edited), Yellow (edited) and Green eyes) @ Limited Bazaar
Morphas are made to sit on the head (like the green), mine are edited to different spots.

Exile - Rain

I want to be the only Flower in your garden..



Alchemy - Mother of Dragons @ Game of Thrones Gacha
Zibska - Avalon Jewelry Set @ L'Accessories 

Laviere - Natsya
LpD - White Orchid Dress

Poses Del May
Photo taken at Hazardous 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Coming soon at 100 Block & New at Remarkable Oblivion

 Little Bones - Blue Velvet 
 Little Bones - Gods and Monsters 
 Little Bones - Limbs 

Happy Sunday everyone! Its that time of year again, one of the biggest and most anticipated Depraved Nation events ever! Tons of stores putting out new, exclusive and discounted items all in one huge sim event, there will be contests, tons of gifts and prizes to be won. The events starts on 9th April promptly at 12PM SLT you do not wanna miss it! All information on prizes, designers and contests can be found at

Little Bones hair all sooo cute will be at the 100 block event. *-*

100 Block - April 9th - 30th 

Also from the amazing as usual Remarkable Oblivion are these uber cute bunny ears. How they manage to do cute things and STILL keep them edgy and outstanding is beyond me. Sometimes I just want to message Sebastian and go 'R U A WIZRD??' 

We love RP is also open again with a new round lovely items from Random Matter's Nikol Hax these necklaces are so detailed and well made for only 99L. Also from Peqe is this unique choker gown combo. Had a great time shopping with this one. Happy spending guys!


Remarkable Oblivion - Super bass Rab8 Headphones - Vanilla @ FaMeshed 
Little Bones - Limbs, God and Monsters and Blue Velvet  Soon @ 100 Block
Random Matter - Rhiannon Necklace @ We love RP
Peqe - Hybrid @ We love RP

Random Matter Keel Haul circlet 
Cheeky Pea - Dragon Fly Set
LaViere - Natsya