Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Drowning out the Noise


Remarkable Oblivion - Cogsworth Steampunk Horns @ The Secret Affair
Riske - Soundwave Steampunk Headphones @ Project Limited
Coco Doll - *DC* Head Anna 

Beetlebones - Pesca Bodysuit (Not available)
Ohmai - Frankie Hair (Butterflies included)
Coco Doll - Doll Parts 

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Riding to Sea!

Yay! I'm back from a very restful RL vacation. I go back out to work on Monday (pft) so I thought I would get some blogging in this weekend. Its not a lot of NEW stuff just little nick nacks I picked up. But this one is mostly to show off my new Coco Doll head! If you follow my blog you know just how much I love these dolls. So when I saw this morning that there was a new group gift with NINE new heads my excitement was over the moon! 

Meet Adele, Anna, Emily, Emma, Kyoko, Lena, Lily and Miriel. Much excite!

Wearing :

Coco Doll - *DC* Head - Lena Non Rigged New (Group Gift!)
Coco Doll - Body Parts
Vespertine Dreamers Vehicle - Heart on Wire @ The Dreamer's Factory

Ohmai! - Hedgehog Set - Champagne
Pixicat - Kimono - Blossom
Pixicat - Oriental Dragon
Pixicat - Oriental Straw Hat

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Coming @ Project Limited 2.0!

Yay!! Project Limited is on its way.  Round one starts TODAY at 12PM SLT! This is the second edition of this amazing Limited Edition round and Riske is once again taking part. At this event you can find my Steampunk themed headphones in classic steampunk colour. Only 200 copies will be sold and then its no longer available EVER! So be sure to make it down to LE to see this and many more Limited Edition items. See below the Landmark and the designer event gallery.

 Round 1:
STARTS: July 10th 12PMSLT
ENDS: July 20th 12PMSLT