Friday, 7 December 2012

Sick Bubblegum

So its both embarrassing and amazing to me how almost all of my friends seem to know about my crazy fashion obsession. I have a crazy, crazy love for animal themed clothing and it warms my heart that my friend Ricky from Our Stories To Tell saw this hoodie and immediately thought of me. I, of course, instantly fell in love with it. Even though I try to blog really edgy stuff, in world I'm either running around with shorts, a top and no shoes or wearing animal clothes or animal PJs. :p Love it!

I'm also wearing the mad cute new set of sneakers from Epic. They're in this round of perfect wardrobe for the staggering cheap price of 99Ls. Its a steal of a deal so make sure you run down and pick up a pair. ^-^ Just a quick and simple one today. <3


Event Items: Epic  - Kawii Glitter Glam Kicks @ Perfect Wardrobe 
                            - Endless pain tattoos - Asian Dragon @ F r o s t
Tops - Soup - Bunny jacket
         - Gawk! - Pink Lace Bandeau Top (Pink)
Hair - Elikatira - Over (Fire Engine Red)
Bottoms - Gawk! Mini Panties - Pink
Makeup/Tattoo Layers - Suicidal Unborn - Banged up Knees
                                    - XPRESS URSELF - Isis

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