Thursday, 6 December 2012

Un, deux, trois..

Right now I feel like saying, "look ma look what I did!" I'm not sure what happened but I suddenly had a better understanding of how photoshop works lol. Its not perfect, but I worked really, really hard on it. With the help of Adriana helping me understand how the different photoshop elements work and guiding me through the finishing touches, I did this picture, no one chipped in because both Adri and I were determined that I do this all on my own! So she didn't take it and do anything to it at all. I'm so proud of myself. Haha. Hopefully I'll get a lot better in the future.

Anyway, the very sexy outfit I'm wearing is from Epic and from the moment I saw it I wanted it. I didn't even wait for her to send it to me, I ran down to the event and BOUGHT it. Its that good, that I was willing to spend money on something that I could have gotten for free. But she did an amazing job on this and sooo deserved my Ls. The leather looks exquisite, the fit is amazing and its so creative. Be sure to head over to BeWbAPaLoOZa and pick it up. You have the entire month to grab this exclusive item so don't miss out! Also, I figured since the world is supposed to end before Xmas I might as well show what our post apocalyptic Xmas is really going to look like. Get those canned goods in order. :p


Outfit- *Epic* Santa's Lil Helper Set @ BeWbAPaLoOZa
Shoes- *Epic* Mesh Neo Mega Stompers (Coal) w/ Fan add on
Hair - Elikatira - Abbey - Fire Engine Reds
Accessories - e r r a t i c - Fishnet Stockings (Wide)
                   - [1A] Salute Gloves (Greys pack)
                   - H.o.D. - Provocation Piercing
Make-Up/Tattoo Layers - Utopiah - Beyond Death
                                      - [D.A] Metallic Smudged Underliner (Sinistre)
Lolas Tango Appliers

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