Sunday, 6 January 2013

Glam Affair + Dead Apples = :Q__ New!

This skin!! I can't even.. I'm speechless. If ever there was a perfect match to be made it would be the skin perfectionist Aida Ewing from Glam Affair and the make up magician Soleil Reid from Dead Apples. The combination is absolute perfection. A job well done ladies. I really hope to see another Glam Affair/Dead Apples venture in the future.

The Skins come with 10 make up options. All of them are stunning. I can't find a fault with any. I would honestly find use for each of them.

I wish I has enough Ls to buy each and every one but I'm to broke for that so see below all of the skins "broke bitch Demo" edition. :p

Each skin sold separately!


Glam Affair / Dead Apples - Amberly - Butterfly - New!
BooN - YNO421
Aux - Grimm Corset (Set #4)
Gawk! - Mini Panties - Rose
Mandala - Sinra Nails - Sakura Pink
Dead Apples - Sinistre - Blossom
Slink - Natural Mesh Feet
Shape - [LUST] Hanna

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