Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Le Tatas

So many event goodies! First off, we'll do F R O S T. Today will be your last day to head on over to that F R O S T sim for this event. The event closes at 11:59PM SLT! So I brought you a recap of some items and some whole new ones. Don't miss the opportunity to grab your exclusives.

Also, finally my post for the grand opening of Cleavage! Beeeeeewwwwwwwbbbbsss. Haha, I went to the grand opening party and bought a few things, they were at pretty good discounted prices with great quality. If you're a bargain hunter you should definitely stop by there.

P.S. I know this outfit makes the girls look huge. o.o *Honk honk*

All my F R O S T posts:

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#2 Innocent face Sharp Horns
#3 No Sweet Angel
#4 Innocence sold Separately
#5 Held Between Heaven and Hell.. Cold
#6 Wanna Fuck?
#7 Take a Breath
#8 Cold to the Touch
#9 Le Tatas


Rack City Netaboob Body Suit - Pink @ Cleavage
Frosting - Ella Shape @ Cleavage
J'adore Poses - My posing @ Cleavage
Utopiah - Winter Kitty Make up w/ Pompom mouth & whiskers @ F R O S T
Utopiah - Quirky Piercing @ F R O S T
Utopiah - My cutie Snowflake Tattoo @ F R O S T
Scrub - And Now?? Ears @ F R O S T
Shock Factory - Leopard Style Nails @ F R O S T
Hebenon Vial - Pitch Piercing @ F R O S T
HolliPocket - Lace Shorty Gloves
BooN - YNO421
Slink - Natural Bare feet
Dead Apples - Sinistre Candy eyes


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