Sunday, 10 February 2013

JOJ Hunt & FaMeshed

Wow! So this took me a lot longer than expected to do, I had the outfit I just couldn't find the time to do anything else because I couldn't keep my butt at my laptop for long. Damn you RL how dare you invade my computer fashion times. Then when I was here I somehow found myself ... otherwise occupied. Lol. But here it is finally.

HUNT START POINT : RazorBlade Jacket

For more information:


Fanatik Leather Leggings @ FaMeshed
Adoness JOJ#8 - Vensa Underbust Corset @ Jack or Jill Hunt "Bobby From the Attic will keep it safe"
Scrub JOJ#21 Bit Nails @ Jack or Jill Hunt @ "If you go Straight"
Gawk! Black/Lace Trimmed Body Suit
Scrub Web Gloves
Scrub Web Collar
Glam Affair - Queen of Roses - Black Soul
Diktator - Envy - Black
Little Pricks - Kio Fish
Little Pricks - Winged Eyes
Puncture - Dermal Spike Implant - Horns
.- H.o.D-. - Compassion Piercing

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